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Tom Waterhouse, CEO of

March 27, 2019

What a fascinating conversation of Mentorship, Thinking Big, Growing Fast, Start-Up, Intrapreneurship & Innovation!

Tom Waterhouse comes from four generations of Bookmakers and became a licensed bookmaker at the age of 20. By 2008, Tom was Australia's biggest and most profitable on-course bookmaker with turnover exceeding $200 million p.a.!

In 2010 Tom launched online wagering company It grew in the space of three years from employing three people to 110, it also became one of three most recognised gambling brands in Australia in that time. William Hill, one of largest gambling operators worldwide, ended up purchasing in 2013. In that year, Tom Waterhouse was the second most googled name in Australia! Until May 2018, Tom was Chief Executive Officer of William Hill for four years and has since repurchased from William Hill.

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